Compliance – Disclaimer

National Bank of Pakistan, Japan operations’s basic management principles are to “comply with laws and regulations and practice honest and fair corporate activities that do not violate social norms.” We believe this is appropriate for a globally expanding financial group. We have established a compliance system.

We recognize our vital role in society and the economy. We’re committed to earning our customers’ trust through honest business practices and a strong compliance system.

  • Enhancing our compliance posture, considering the increasing demands and changes in domestic and international environments, such as preventing money laundering, cutting off relationships with anti-social forces, and responding to stricter global regulations regarding market transactions and personal information management.
  • Through communication from management and training sessions, we strive to cultivate a culture where each employee autonomously practices compliance activities.

Compliance Management System

At the National Bank of Pakistan, Japan Operations, the Compliance Committee (CCO) deliberates important matters and promotes compliance under the CCO.

Initiatives to Prevent Money Laundering, etc.

As financial crimes become more diverse and sophisticated, and terrorist crimes continue to occur in various parts of the world, countermeasures against money laundering, terrorist financing, and proliferation finance (hereinafter referred to as “anti-money laundering”) are becoming increasingly important. Strengthening institutions’ anti-money laundering measures has become an issue. In carrying out our business activities domestically and internationally and is subject to the application of domestic and foreign laws and regulations and the supervision of domestic and foreign financial authorities based thereon. We have identified this as one of the risks. In addition to establishing a system to comply with domestic and international laws and regulations, we further strengthen our anti-money laundering measures. By preventing the transfer of criminal proceeds and cutting off the supply of funds to terrorist organizations, we will protect our customers, ensure the safety of the international community, and contribute to the healthy development of economic activity.

Cutting off relationships with anti-social forces

Under the National Bank of Pakistan, Japan Operations Code of Conduct, we have firmly established a stance to sever all affiliations with antisocial entities that jeopardize the order and security of civil society. We incorporate the knowledge of senior experts/executives regarding the Anti-social Transactions Elimination to engage in specialized ways and working to detect/cut off relationships with anti-social forces.

Initiatives to Prevent Bribery and Corruption

In response to domestic and international laws and regulations related to bribery, bribery, and corruption, as well as growing social concerns, we are working to ensure appropriate responses. National Bank of Pakistan, Japan Operations, recognizes the social importance of bribery and corruption/corruption, prohibits officers and employees from being involved in bribery, corruption/corruption, and practices honest and fair conduct to promote sound corporate governance.

Initiatives to Ensure Thorough Compliance

National Bank of Pakistan, Japan Operations considers compliance-related education and training essential to ensure thorough compliance. We also conduct training for executives, managers, compliance managers, and other levels per their job duties and utilize e-learning to improve compliance. The training is not limited to rules and procedures but also includes content that deepens understanding of the purpose and background of laws and regulations, as well as points to keep in mind regarding timely and effectively responses to compliance risks.